Services Overview


Includes removal of old grip and tape and installation of your choice of new grip.  All grips are measured with digital calipers to ensure sizing consistency throughout the set.

Iron Loft/Lie Adjustments

All clubs are measured and adjusted to your desired specification on a state of the art Mitchell Loft and Lie Machine.  This ensures consistent performance throughout the entire set.  Many golfers elect to combine this service with a dynamic fitting to ensure each club within the set is optimized for maximum performance.

Length Adjustments

Extend or cut down your clubs to promote comfortable posture and enable consistent contact with the center of the club face.

Swingweight Adjustments

Promote consistent feel as you progress from your driver and fairway woods through your irons and wedges.


Whether you have a broken shaft requiring extraction or you just want to upgrade your existing shafts, we can help.  Service includes pulling your existing shafts and installation of the new shaft of your choice which will be swingweighted, cut to length and gripped.

New Club Fitting and Assembly

Not sure if your current club specs fit your game?  Have a static and dynamic fitting session to find your ideal club specs and set composition.

Already know your specs?  Have a new set of custom clubs built to your exacting specs.


       - Grip Sizing
       - Matched swingweights
       - Loft/Lie/Length adjusted to spec
       - Your choice of custom ferrule
       - Complimentary loft/lie adjustment within first year
       - Shaft spine alignment, FLO and Pureing available

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